Adoptions (foreign and domestic)

One of the most amazing processes available today is adoption. Whether it is a single “soon to be parent”, a couple adopting their “first” child, or adding to an already existing “family”, a step-parent who adopts their new “spouse’s” child, or however the new family comes to be. The legal process can be daunting and the emotional impact if something goes wrong can be devastating. Fortunately, we have attorneys who not only have adopted children themselves but were adopted as children. We have experience in over 500 adoption situations, both foreign and domestic. Our experience includes foreign adoptions and domestications, DFCS adoptions, agency adoptions, out-of-state adoptions, private adoptions, step-parent adoptions and guardianships. Adoptions can also be done for adults, not just children.

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Georgia laws provide very detailed requirements for adoptions. The amount of paperwork begins months before the actual adoption, and sometimes extends beyond the time when you have your child in your home and all of it can be very complex and lengthy. Many require home studies to be done prior to the adoption, most require surrender documents be signed by the birth mother and the biological father. Many documents must be gathered, certified, notarized and copied. Handling the documentation alone would be very difficult for an untrained person, much less trying to do it while taking care of a new child!

There are strict timing requirements for these documents as well and very precise notification obligations. For example, domestic private adoptions must include the birth mother’s surrenders and they must be signed within a certain time period after the child’s birth. Documents signed too soon or too late can void the adoption. Certain documents must be published in local papers, all include notifications to vital records departments and other agencies or persons involved. The worst possible outcome could be where the process was not completed properly and your child was returned and your adoption cancelled. Don’t take that chance. Talk to a professional, one with real experience regarding your situation.

Experience is sometimes priceless. Our team of attorneys has the experience necessary to handle your adoption needs. If you are considering adoption or if adoption is just something that you want to know more about, Contact Us and we will answer your questions.