Brain And Spinal Cord Injury

Brain And Spinal Cord Injury Attorney’s In Georgia

There are many things that can cause an alteration in our lives so significantly with little or no warning. Two of those things are a Brain or Spinal Cord Injury. These injuries usually happen in a moments notice, or no notice at all, and alter our lives forever whether it happens to us or to our loved ones. It has been estimated that five (5) million or more people in the United States live with the lasting effects of an Injury to the Brain, and it is estimated that another 1.7 million people will endure a new Brain Injury every year. A Brain Injury, a/k/a brain injury that is acquired, is the result of any brain damage that has an affect on a person emotionally, behaviorally, and/or physically. Injuries to the brain can occur at as early as birth from birth trauma or later in life from other trauma such as a motor vehicle accident or other blow to the head from a fall or a bullet, or even illnesses, and are referred to as either non-traumatic or traumatic and which designation depends on which case specifically cause the damage to the brain.

Spinal Cord injuries, unlike Brain Injuries that can be fatal, can occur when there has been damage and/or trauma to the spinal code. Think of the Spinal Code as a pathway of nerves that leaves the brain and travels down your spine in between our vertebrae. Since smaller spinal cord nerves control sensory and motor functions, may of these injuries may result in sensory or mobility loss in the areas that are just below the damaged area.

Whether you have suffered a dramatic Brain Injury or a Spinal Cord Injury, it is imperative that you not only seek medical attention immediately, but that you also seek Legal Advice immediately. At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates we offer a free legal consultation and you may Contact Us on our contact form on our website; by phone at either 770-865-8654 or 813-363-6664; or by email at and Julie A. Rice will personally take your call. We have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of these type of cases collectively and we have a tremendous success rate. We are anxious to assist you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Shepherds Center in Atlanta, GA is one of the major treatment and rehabilitation centers for both Brain and Spinal Code Injuries. The Center has developed DVD tapes to help to better understand Brain and Spinal Code Injuries and you may see each of these videos at the following links:

These videos both provide much needed information. You may find more information at the Shepherd’s Center Website.

No matter what the cause of the injury the one common denominator is that the medical expenses for the initial evaluations, treatments, and rehabilitation are astronomical. Not to mention the possibility of loss wages, and the loss of consortium that your spouse must be enduring through this event that has turned your life upside down. We try to help you recover those expenses so that you are cared for properly and can concentrate on getting well; which is your greatest and number one (1) goal.

Given the complexities in these cases, it is imperative that you seek a legal team that is well connected has and had years of experience handling these types of cases. At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, our Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys have over fifty (50) years of collective experience and are second to none in achieving favorable results in fact scenarios involving Brain and/or Spinal Cord Injuries caused by the negligence act or another or others. Please Contact Us today so that we may assist you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.