Chain Reactions and Multi-Vehicle Accidents

It has been reported that multi-vehicle accidents each year account for approximately 40% of all accidents and these accidents have resulted in serious injuries or death. Excessive rates of speed can very easily become the culprit in a multi-vehicle and chain reaction collision since the driver does not have control of the vehicle and can not act diligently in situations that involve split second decisions and reactions. 95% of all injuries and deaths in speeding crashes may or may not involve multi-vehicle and chain reactions. It is clear, however, that the 95% of fatalities involved passenger vehicles with more than 50% of the fatalities involving passengers that were not wearing safety belts.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA considers a crash to be speeding-related if the driver was charged with a speeding-related offense or if an officer indicated that racing, driving too fast for conditions, or exceeding the posted speed limit was a contributing factor in the crash. Not to mention the Catastrophic Injuries, loss of a limb(s), the psychological trauma, and even Death caused by these type of accidents. Furthermore, these accidents cause approximately 40 billion dollars a year in lost work and damages.

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Driving accidents do happen and many result in Catastrophic Injuries or Death. Just last year in 2014, a multi-vehicle and chain reaction accident occurred in Bibb County, Georgia involving a total of 7 (seven) vehicles involved in the crash. Luckily, nobody reported any injuries at the date of publication of the article that discusses the details of the crash. There was another seven (7) car accident in Clayton County, Georgia during a police chase for an alleged perpetrators that robbed a bank. Another example of a chain reaction and multi-vehicle accident that just happened recently in February, 2015 involved the famous athlete and Olympic gold metal winner Bruce Jenner. In that accident there was a fatality of a 67 year old woman. Bruce Jenner has not been charged in the case to this date of March 1, 2015. All of these cases illustrate that a multi-vehicle accident and chain reaction can happen anywhere to anybody so it is imperative that we all use precautions when driving, don’t become distracted while driving, and follow all of the rules of the road. For more information on all the motor vehicle accidents in the United States you may go to the site called Accidents in and it will expressly show you the number of accidents were chain reaction and multi-vehicle accidents.

The NHTSA has reported that an average of a 102 people die each day from automobile accidents; that is one (1) death every 14 minutes. To avoid becoming a statistic, when you are considering the purchase or lease of a motor vehicle research the type of vehicle you would like to buy or lease and that particular vehicle’s safety rating as well as the highway and state information about vehicle accidents to see if your potential vehicle is involved in an unusal amount of accidents. There is a great deal of information about what you need to know about motor vehicles and safety and this information can found right at home on the internet. For example, the NHTSA website has scientific data to help drivers prevent accidents. This website also describes the importance of proper child car seats and the installation of said car seat, safety belts, and the dangers one must watch out for if there are children in and around cars; just to name a few. The NHTSA slogan is: "Driving safely is living safely".

The NHSTA website provides driving tips to teach drivers how to drive in hazardous conditions such as wet roads, icy roads, roads covered with debris such as fallen branches from trees, blind spots, sun glare, windy conditions and thunder storm conditions. After driving in Atlanta, Georgia and other parts of the state, driving conditions are the same most of the year. Therefore, when there is snow or an abundance of rain this creates a challenge for drivers that have never driven in these types of weather conditions. For example, in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding communities of DeKalb County, Cobb County, Gwinnett County, Cherokee County, and Fulton County, just to name a few, an ice storm took over the grossly unprepared city. As a result, an estimated 2,000 cars were abandoned on the highway resulting in an astonishing number of people who were left stranded for days. During that storm, children were not able to get home and many had to sleep over night at the schools. In some school districts, it took two (2) days to get children home safely. The Atlanta Public Schools closed the schools for an entire week due to the dangerous road conditions and the unpredictable weather.

The children were not the only people inconvenienced by this storm as many people slept in stores since their cars were unable to navigate the icy and dangerous roads and were left abandoned until conditions improved. One of the important lessons to be learned about driving in dangerous conditions is to be prepared before a storm or other dangerous condition presents itself. We can protect ourselves by making the right and educated choices about what motor vehicles we elect to drive and utilizing good driving skills including being mindful of other vehicles on the road as well.

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