Expungements/Restoration of Civil and Gun Rights/Pardons

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates we would like to provide people with the tools that are necessary to have your record Expunged/Restricted, have your Civil Rights Restored, and obtain a Pardon. It is very important to note that historically Georgia was the 2nd worst State in the U.S. for not expunging/restricting criminal records and holding people back from gainful employment, housing, and food for their children. This has all changed, however, since July 1, 2013 when the Georgia Law changed dramatically opening the doors for many people (approximately 2.2 million people) to have their criminal records expunged/restricted where this was not possible prior to July 1, 2013.

For your information, the new law now uses the word “restricted” instead of “expunged” so you will see us talking about these two (2) terms simultaneously. Therefore, if you have tried this process of Expungement/Restriction in the past, prior to July 1, 2013, and have been denied, you may now be successful in having your record Expunged/Restricted under the new Georgia Law. There are many reason why you should clean up your criminal record today including, but not limited to, obtaining a job, obtaining housing, obtaining government assistance to feed and house your children, and these are just to name a few.

The first question you are probably asking is: Which one of these applies to me (i.e. expungement/restriction, restoration of civil rights, or a pardon)? In order for us to answer this question, it is imperative that we evaluate your most current G.C.I.C. Report (Georgia Criminal Information Center). You may obtain this report at any local police department that offers this service and we recommend that you google your location to find the nearest police department, call them and ask them if you can receive a copy of your G.C.I.C. from that location, what is the cost, and what is the proper procedure (for example, what identification do you need to take with you to get the report, etc.). You may also contact use the following website to obtain detailed information on how to obtain your Georgia Criminal History Report: https://gbi.georgia.gov/obtaining-criminal-history-record-information.

Once you have obtained your current G.C.I.C., it has to be current, and we can not get this report for you, then please kindly Contact Us to discuss how you may get this information to us for review and our fees for reviewing the same. You may contact us by any or all of the following means by phone at (770) 865-8654 and (813) 363-6664, by email at juliericelaw@outlook.com, and/or Contact Us on our website. We will then give you instructions about the most efficient way for you to get us a copy of your G.C.I.C. and the fee to evaluate the same so that one of our Expungements/Restoration of Civil and Gun Rights/Pardons Attorneys can evaluate your G.C.I.C. to determine the best route for you to take in your particular situation.

Don’t let your record hold you back any longer and take advantage of the new law today by Contacting Us for your free legal consultation and our evaluation of your G.C.I.C. to assist you to determine the best route to take such as Expungement/Restriction, Restoration of Civil Rights or a Pardon. Our Expungement/Restriction of Civil Rights/Pardons Attorneys are here to assist you and we want to see Georgians back to work and back on your feet again!

It is also very important to note that the new Georgia Law attempts to close the gap so that private background companies can no longer obtain your criminal information from the jails or the clerk of court’s office as well. We offer these services as well. The first step, however, is cleaning up your G.C.I.C., and then we can assist you with closing the gap at the jail and at the clerk’s office so the private background companies can not obtain this information.

Furthermore, if you have seen your mug shot on the internet and a company has tried to solicit you to pay to have this information removed, we can assist you to get this information off of the website. Again, it has to start with you cleaning up your G.C.I.C. and that is why this is so important to get your G.C.I.C. cleaned up and as accurate as possible as soon as possible. Don’t wait since the process does take some time and you don’t want that dream job to slip away due to you waiting too long to address these issues. The time is now to address these situations in your life, not later.

Please also feel free to visit our Expungement/Restriction/Restoration of Civil Rights Resource Page and Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information. We want to see Georgians back to work, feeding their families, and being provided decent housing so take advantage of this new Georgia Law today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and assisting you with this more important issue in your life!

Criminal History Records

If you have questions concerning criminal history records, please use the following contact numbers and email addresses:

Please note: These email addresses are only for those who have problems or issues with their own Georgia Criminal History record at the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC).

Please refer to Obtaining Criminal History Record Information on the GBI site.

General Public – call 404-244-2639 or email your questions to gacriminalhistory@gbi.state.ga.us
Please DO NOT use this email address for anything other than criminal history record issues.

Attorneys Requesting Information for Trial Preparation – 404-244-2639 or email: gcic.attorneys@gbi.state.ga.us