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 Dear Clients, Contacts, Family and Friends:

I am very enthusiastic to announce a service that we offer at Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, that we have been offering for over a year, and are now taking to the next level.  I want to share this service with you, and I encourage you to please forward this information to all of your contacts, clients, family, and friends whom you think may be in need of this service as it has become apparent that this service is much needed, but is not offered by many attorneys at such reasonable rates and expedition as I do at this time.

Please allow me to explain that this is a service whereby I am able to Expunge (Restrict/Seal) a person's criminal record at a very reasonable rate, and since this can be done without a face to face meeting with the client, instead it can be accomplished through the internet, I am also able to do this in a very efficient manner.  

It is very important to note that historically Georgia was the 2nd worst State in the U.S. for not expunging/restricting criminal records and was therefore, notorious for holding people back from gainful employment, housing, and food for their children. This all changed, however, since July 1, 2013 when the Georgia Law changed dramatically opening the doors for many people (approximately 2.2 million) to have their criminal records expunged/restricted where this was not possible prior to July 1, 2013.

I am also able to offer the services of Restoration of Civil Rights, Restoration of the Right to Bear Arms (i.e. Restore Gun Rights), and Pardons.  All of these services, along with the Expungement (Restriction/Sealing of the Record) are for those who have criminal records in Georgia.

To learn more about this service and the fees for the most common services requested, please see the following page on my website:  Expungements/Restoration of Civil Rights/Pardons
I also Encourage You, or Anyone you Know, to Call Me, Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, at 770-865-8654 For a Free Legal Consultation to Learn More about this Particular Process and the Services that I Offer Pertaining Thereto.  I Welcome Anyone to Call me to Learn More and You May Call Me at Anytime that is Convenient; Monday through Sunday
justice_for_all.jpgTo avoid any confusion, and for your information, the new law now uses the word "restricted" instead of "expunged" so you will see these two (2) terms used simultaneously. Furthermore, if a person has tried this process of Expungement/Restriction in the past, prior to July 1, 2013, and was denied, that same person may now be successful in having her/his record Expunged/Restricted under the new Georgia Law. 

There are many reasons why a person should clean up her/his criminal record today including, but not limited to, obtaining a job or a job advancement, obtaining housing, obtaining government assistance to feed and house their children, to run for public office, to obtain professional licenses, and these are just to name a few. 

The first question a person usually asks is: Which one of these applies to me (i.e. expungement/restriction, restoration of civil rights or the right to bear firearms, or a pardon)? In order for me to answer this question, it is imperative that I evaluate that person's most current G.C.I.C. Report (Georgia Criminal Information Center Report a/k/a Georgia Criminal Rap Sheet). 

This report may be obtained, and in most circumstances only by that particular person, at any local police department that offers this service. I recommend that the person who wants to obtain his/her report should google the nearest police department location, call them and ask them if they offer the service of obtaining a G.C.I.C. Report from that location (and if not, then where is the nearest location to obtain said report), what is the cost, and what is the proper procedure (for example, what identification is needed to be presented to obtain the report, etc.). 

You may also contact the following website to obtain detailed information on how to obtain your Georgia Criminal History Report.

More information on how to obtain your GCIC can also be found at my website here.

You may also call me, Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, directly at 770-865-8654 to ask any questions.
You may also visit my Resources Section under # 7 for more information as well

faqs_with_law_library.jpgYou may also visit my Frequently Asked Questions Section to learn more about the New Law 
You are always free to visit our Website as well.
I am very excited about this opportunity to serve you in this process and I welcome any and all requests so please kindly feel free to forward on this email to anyone who you think may be in need of this service. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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