Frequently Asked Questions For Impaired Driving Crashes

Important Questions to Ask to assist you in Finding the Right Attorney to Represent you or your Loved One in a Drunk or Impaired Driving Accident:

Q: How Often Have You, or Do You, Represent Victims of a Drunk or Impaired Driving Crash, and Would you Consider this One of your Specialties?

Since an accident involving a driver who was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or was otherwise impaired while driving is different than any other type of accident, it is important that you seek legal counsel that have experience in these types of accidents, and would consider this one of their specialties. For example, in any typical vehicular accident, your attorney will be working with the insurance companies to insure that you are not held liable for the accident and making sure that you receive all of the just compensation that you deserve from your medical bills, lost wages, disability (temporary or permanent), pain and suffering, and, in some cases, loss of consortium.

In an impaired driving accident, however, your attorney will be working with the insurance company as well in all of this matters and also conducting a special investigation to make sure that all the evidence is properly prepared for the insurance company, in the event that your case settles, and for the jury, or other trier of fact, in the event that your case goes to trial, that will explore all of the issues above as well as exploring the issue of punitive damages in your case. Punitive Damages is one of the reasons that your case involving an impaired driver is so unique. There are not many other types of vehicular accidents where punitive damages (i.e. damages that punish the negligent offender; the impaired driver in this situation) are such a pressing issue. Therefore, you want to make sure that your attorney is experienced in these types of cases and understands how to investigate these types of crashes to preserve all the evidence that is important and particular to impaired driving accidents so that you receive all of the just compensation that you deserve.

Once you finalize your case, there is no going back for more money or other compensation so you want to get it right the first, and possibly the only, time that it is possible. The right attorney knows this and will do everything right as a result.

Q: What are your Past Results in Impaired Driving Crashes?

A good and experienced attorney will have a track record. When you ask this question, the attorney should be able to direct you to information that will provide you with the results of cases that the attorney has handled. If the cases did settle, then the attorney may not be able to disclose the names of the parties of the case, but the attorney should be able to give you enough information so that you have a clear understanding of that attorney’s track record in these types of cases. Cases that have gone to trial where the record or results are not sealed, or the attorney’s past client has allowed the attorney to disclose information about their case, you may be able to get more information about as well from the attorney.

Q: How do you Treat Impaired Driving Cases Different than Other Vehicular Accident Crashes?

As we have stated earlier, an accident involving an impaired driver is different than an accident involving other vehicular accidents. It is important that the attorney you are talking to is able to set out a clear strategy for your case that involves an investigation that is geared towards a winning settlement in an impaired driving crash, and understanding clearly the damages that can be pursued in these types of cases and how to get those types of damages. When the attorney is setting forth her or his strategy, you will be able to tell if the attorney understand how to treat your case different than a typical accident case.

Q: Do you Go After the Maximum Limits Possible in an Impaired Driving Crash?

Ask the attorney specifically how she or he plans to pursue your case to the maximum winning results. This is not an easy task and the experienced attorney in these types of cases will be able to tell you how the attorney plans on pursuing your case with dedication and persistence in order to achieve the maximum results of compensation for you or your loved one. This not only takes the desire and dedication on the part of the attorney to achieve a great result, it takes resources and time and your attorney should be able to explain to you how he or she plans to dedicate both time and resources to achieving the best result possible for you in your case. If the attorney down plays any aspect of your case, then you may want to challenge the attorney further. While no case is perfect, it is important that your attorney has a clear strategy to overcome any negative aspects of your case.

Q: Have you Written Any Educational Material on this Topic?

It is a fair question to ask your attorney whether or not she or he has written any educational material on this topic. This material can take many forms such as printed material, blogs, reports, and/or other articles. It is also fair to ask if there are any third party resources that are available to assist you with what you might be going through after this type of case. An attorney looking our for your best interests, will freely provide you with as much material as you may need under the circumstances. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power so the more you know, the better off you will be under your particular circumstances and good attorneys understand this notion very well.

Q: Have you Appeared on TV on any Television Shows?

This is not a question about advertising. Anyone can advertise their services on television. The question you want to ask is whether or not your attorney has appeared on any television shows that are geared towards educating the viewer about the law. You may also ask if the attorney has ever presented on any radio shows or other media venue that would show knowledge and expertise in this area of law.

Q: What is your Strategy for this Type of Case?

As stated herein above, it is appropriate to ask the attorney what her or his strategy is for this type of case. Depending on how much information your attorney has at that time about your particular case, it is also appropriate to ask your attorney specifically what strategy they will take in your case to make sure that you have a strategy in place to get you a winning result.

Q: Will you be the Attorney working on My Case and Will I have Direct Access to the Attorney Who is Working on my Case?

It is important that you meet the lawyer who will be working on your case and that you have direct access to that attorney during your case. This is personal and this is very important to you and your family. A good, experienced, and reputable attorney and law firm will make sure that you have direct access to the attorney that is handling your case throughout the entire time of your case to answer questions, discuss evidence, give you important updates, and the like. This is a relationship built on trust and to have access to the attorney that is taking the lead on your case is part of establishing that trusting and important relationship.

Q: How Do You and Will You Investigate a Case Involving an Impaired Driver Crash?

As stated on this website and in this q & a, we have discussed how important the investigation is in an impaired driving crash. When you ask your attorney this question, watch for the key elements that the attorney should be looking for in the investigation that will set up your case for the best result possible including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Witness Statements that are taken as soon as possible after the accident;
  2. Medical, Physician, and Hospital Records;
  3. Police Records and Reports;
  4. The Results of Any and All Field Sobriety Tests or other Blood Tests taken of the Impaired Driver;
  5. Photographs of your car, the scene of the accident, your injuries, and any other evidence; and
  6. Videos of your injuries, the accident scene, your car, the other driver, and any other evidence.

An experienced attorney will be gathering this, and possibly more, information during the investigation of your case.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we are experienced at handling crashes involving impaired drivers so if you have these, and more, questions about your case, then please feel free to Contact Us for your free legal consultation, and we will be glad to assist you further.