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This word evokes the range of emotions involved in ending a marriage.  It also evokes thoughts of the cost and time needed to complete a divorce, and the confusion that can surround lengthy legal proceedings. Many people facing divorce feel that their lives will be put on hold while their case makes its way slowly through the courts and attorneys collect sizeable fees.

Divorce in Georgia does not have to be lengthy, expensive or confusing. At the Law Office of Julie A. Rice, we offer low flat fees for uncontested divorces, and focus on completing your divorce as quickly as possible, often without you coming to our office or having a single court appearance.

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Uncontested Divorces Are Fast and Inexpensive

The cost of divorce in Georgia does not have to be expensive. In an uncontested divorce, for example, the parties have agreed in advance how to divide marital property, allocate debts, arrange for custody of minor children, and set child and spousal support. Our reasonable, flat fees for a no-contest divorce are:

  • $350 for uncontested divorce with no minor children
  • $750 for uncontested divorce with minor children

We do not charge for postage, copies, or paralegal fees for your uncontested case. Our flat fees cover the entire cost for your uncontested divorces, except for court costs, and are paid in full at the beginning of your case.

Dependable, Fast, and Inexpensive Divorce Services

At the Law Office of Julie A. Rice, our legal team will listen to your concerns, outline a recommended course of action, and answer your questions so that you feel comfortable and understand the divorce process. 

We work primarily in the following legal areas:

  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Mediated Divorces
  • Collaborative Divorces
  • Divorce Document Review
  • Advisory services and Legal Consultation regarding divorce planning and dispute resolution

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If you are ready to proceed with an uncontested divorce or would like to speak to Attorney Rice about other divorce options such as a Mediated Divorce or Collaborative Divorce, then please kindly contact us by phone at (770) 865-8654 for your free initial phone consultation with Attorney Julie A. Rice.

We offer free, brief initial consultations, as well as hourly divorce legal advice. These fees will be included in your flat-fee uncontested divorce charges if you choose to work with us to file for divorce within 30 days of your advisory appointment. 

Attorney Julie A. Rice is a practicing attorney so please kindly feel free to contact her to discuss the options of an Uncontested Divorce for our case at (770) 865-8654.

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