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Roger L. Hauge

Juris Doctorate
Chief Operating Officer
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Cell: (770) 262-9215
Phone: (770) 865-8654
Facsimile: (770) 213-4933

2347 Ball Ground Hwy.
Canton, Georgia 30114

Mr. Hauge currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates and has been affiliated with the firm since its inception in 1994. Mr. Hauge is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the firm as well as utilizing his one of a kind abilities to cultivate current relationships with all of our Affiliate Attorneys and also forming new and long lasting relationships with new Affiliate Attorneys with the firm on an ongoing and regular basis.

Mr. Hauge graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1964 with a Degree in Mortuary Science. He then became a primary principal in and the majority owner of the family Funeral Business located primarily in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although Mr. Hauge, along with his father Lawrence Hauge, brought the Hauge name in the funeral business to be known as the top organization in the MidWest as well as across the country, Mr. Hauge had aspirations of becoming an attorney. In 1971, he returned to the University and earned a graduate degree in sociology. He then attended law school at the prestigious private law school, William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota where he graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree. He then passed the Minnesota Bar Exam and became licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota and in Federal Court in 1975.

After passing the Bar Exam, Mr. Hauge became associated with the well known firm of Goff and Goff in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was soon promoted to partner in the firm that was then renamed Goff, Goff & Hauge. This law firm later become Dorfman, Goff & Hauge and became the top firm in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota for handling high asset divorces. One of Mr. Hauge’s most famous cases was when he represented the wife of the man who founded Medtronics, a pioneer in the development of the heart pace maker.

Mr. Hauge was a brilliant litigator and successfully represented many people in high asset divorce cases as well as multi-million dollar business transactions. Mr. Hauge soon became recognized as a financial wizard and was given the opportunity to become President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Citizens State Bank in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and served in this position for 4 years. Having not forgotten his passion for law, for several years, Mr. Hauge both practiced law in his firm and pursued other business opportunities, not to mention that he was a wonderful father to three (3) beautiful children whom he greeted every evening after a long day at work. He did all of his jobs remarkably well and with a passion towards his work, his family and his friends.

It would then come one day when Mr. Hauge’s passion for Arabian Horses would come to light in an era when Arabian Horses were becoming an extremely lucrative business. Given his passion for this wonderful animal and some offers of great opportunity in the Arabian Horse Industry, Mr. Hauge had some tough decisions to make. Like most of us, he decided to make a calculated decision to follow his heart and within several months to a year he was engaged in the Arabian Horse Business full time. Mr. Hauge would recall this as one of the most memorable times in his life with no regrets.

True to his nature as a winner, an optimistic and positive person no matter what the circumstance, and a tremendously hardworking man with strong Scandinavian roots and unmeasurable talent he would soon take two horse businesses, Castlewood Arabians and Windsong Arabians, to the top of the charts with more nationals wins and sales of Arabian Horses on record in decades for an Arabian business of that size.

Later, the economy would take a hold and even the strongest in the Arabian Horse industry would see tough times. Mr. Hauge, however, being a survivor and impeccable business man would find a way to please his partners, friends, colleagues, and even family members who had grown so fond of the Arabian Horse, and realize that the dream had not necessarily come to an end, but that there would have to be another calling for the time being.

At that time, Mr. Hauge became a Regional VP for the Larmel Consulting Group, a bank benefit consulting firm, before moving to Atlanta in 1988 to co-found and run Benmark, one of the largest financial institution executive benefit consulting firms in the country. 

It was then that Mr. Hauge formed the Benefit Marketing Group, Inc. a/k/a Benmark in Atlanta, Georgia. Once again, Mr. Hauge started a company from the ground up that would rise to the top and become a leader in the industry of Bank Owned Life Insurance (a/k/a BOLI). Approximately 10 years after its inception, Benmark would be approached by a publicly traded company by the name of Century Business Services (CBIZ) that quickly recognized the value of Benmark and made Mr. Hauge and his partners on offer that they could not refuse. Mr. Hauge remained the CEO of Benmark for five (5) more years when he would finally enter into a partial retirement.

Having never gotten law out of his system due to his natural ability to help people and reason to the point of genius, Mr. Hauge decided to pursue his Mediation and Arbitration Licenses in Georgia. He then became a founder and executive of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Specialists, LLC, and is now court appointed in Cobb County, the 7th District, and the 9th District, and has been involved in more than 100 mediation cases both for the court and in private mediation settings.

To date, Mr. Hauge is a certified Arbitrator and Mediator and is a registered Neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Mr. Hauge specializes in family law, business law, and financial institution law, among other legal practice areas.

Upon his full retirement from Benmark in 2007, he became Senior Consultant of Renaissance Bank Advisors, and he is also a Professor at the University of Phoenix where he teaches classes in Business Law, Critical Thinking, and Creative Minds and Critical Thinking.

Mr. Hauge is available for private mediations and also to discuss any legal situation that you may have and he can be reached by any one of the following means: By phone at (770) 865-8654; by email at juliericelaw@outlook.com, or on our Contact Form on the website.

In his time away from his hard work, Mr. Hauge (Roger) enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and family, and working on both his residential and commercial properties.

Until then, there is no case too big or small, and Mr. Hauge will gladly take your call!