South Florida Criminal Laws

South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Specializing in Protecting Your Rights, Liberties and Freedom

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in South Florida have the actual experience in the courtroom defending your liberties, rights, and freedom. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, don’t go it alone. You need the experience and knowledge of a Criminal Defense Lawyer who knows how to fight for your rights. An arrest for any reason is devastating. In a moment in time you could be faced with thoughts of how this could have an impact on your family, your job, your responsibilities, your reputation and, most of all, your freedom.

Don’t leave these important times to someone who has little or no experience in the area of Criminal Law. You need an expert. You need someone who knows their way around the legal system and the courtroom. You need a strong and tough advocate and at Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates we have the best Criminal Attorneys in the business; we can’t be undersold and neither should you. If you were diagnosed with cancer would you go to the internet, would you go to a general practitioner, would you rely on what your friends or relatives told you: NO! You would consult an expert. This is the same. You have been diagnosed with a serious criminal disease and you need an expert to extract that disease from your life. We are those experts! We care about you and we want to do everything possible to save your civic life and extract any criminal history from your future.

Our lead Criminal Defense Attorney is a former Prosecutor of Broward County and nobody knows his was around the legal system or the courtroom like he does. He is not only knowledgeable about the business of practicing Criminal Defense Law; he is passionate and he will fight for your rights every step of the way. With our lead attorney and other specialists on our Criminal Defense Team and in the Criminal Law Defense Field, we specialize in Criminal Law.

We emphasize charges of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or other Drugs (DUI/Drugs), and Boating while Intoxicated (BWI); but we don’t stop there. We also zealously represent anyone charged with a Felony, Misdemeanor, and other Traffic Offense regardless of severity, and we represent people who have been charged with Domestic Violence or Disturbance as well regardless of how serious. If you have been charged with any crime from DUI to Domestic Violence, and everything in between, we can assist you and we are glad to do so. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in your greatest time of need.

If you have been arrested in South Florida including, but not limited to, the areas of Broward County, Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County, or Palm Beach County, as well as Pinnellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, and Tampa, Florida then we are only a phone call away. You may reach us 24/7 at any or all of the following means: By telephone at (813) 363-6664 or (770) 865-8654; by email at; and/or by filling out the contact form at We also travel to other areas of Florida so do not hesitate to Contact Us in your time of need and we can make arrangements for your particular situation.

You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Remember, an arrest does not mean that you are guilty. Don’t be pressured into a guilty plea or any other such result. You have rights and you deserve to have those rights defended by experienced and professional Criminal Defense Legal Counsel. In Florida, the criminal justice system is very difficult to navigate and can be stressful for you and your loved ones. Instead of putting yourself through a trauma that you have already faced, let us take the burden off of your shoulders and let us do the heavy lifting. That is what we are here for. We are trained, knowledgable, professional, and experienced; not to mention ethical, and we will do everything within the bounds of the law to represent you to protect you to save your freedom and those things that you have worked hard for in your life. Don’t let one moment strip you of your dignity. You deserve respect and we intend to make sure that the criminal justice system shows you the respect and dignity that you deserve; every step of the way.

We zealously represent our clients and we have done so for over a decade and have built a reputation based on this premise. As soon as you reach out to us we promise to give you the personal attention that you deserve and we don’t stop at the start. You have our full attention all the way to the finish. Once you contact us we will gather some preliminary information and then you will be directly connected to a Criminal Defense Lawyer who is knowledgable in all aspects of Criminal Law in Florida. We can discuss the aspects of your arrest and charge and get all the details so that we can adequately give you your options. These are important decisions that you must make and you are free to ask any questions that you have in order to make an educated decision about your next step.

No matter how traumatized you may be at this time of need, we encourage you to contact Criminal Defense Counsel as soon as possible. There are many delicate time lines and each day your rights are diminished in many criminal law situations so it is imperative that you seek the advice of a Criminal Defense Attorney right away. We understand this sense of urgency and we are there to listen to your situation and offer legal solutions to your particular issues immediately.

Where can We Meet You

If you are incarcerated, then we can meet you at your location. Likewise, if you are at home and not able to make a drive to one of our many locations, we can meet you at your home. Our phone consultation is available 24/7 so we encourage you to contact us right away so that we may begin a plan of action for your case. Again, we may be reached 24 hours per day at either (813) 363-6664 or (770) 865-8654, and please do not hesitate to contact us no matter what the time of day or the issue. We also have several satellite locations all around the State of Florida where we can meet you in person.

What If I am Under a Criminal Investigation?

Our representation is not limited to an arrest that may have just taken place. We are also available if you have learned that you are under a criminal investigation for any reason and, again, we can meet you in person and/or talk with you on the phone to work through the criminal issues that you may be facing at that time. Our goal is to be accessible to our clients so take advantage of our desire to assist you during these trying times. We strive for your charges to be dismissed no matter what the legal troubles.

How Do We Achieve our Results?

Only an experienced, passionate, and zealous advocate can set out to achieve those results. How do we do it? It is not easy for someone who is not experienced but our experience lends us to the reality that we know how to suppress evidence, we know how to work both sides of the criminal defense experience due to our lead Criminal Defense Attorney and his team of experts that know both sides of the law: The Prosecution and the Defense.

We can not emphasize enough how important it is to fight any criminal charge you may face. Although you may be anxious to put this entire nightmare behind you, it is important that you fight to get your charges dismissed. A criminal record can follow a person for a lifetime, can cause a job to be lost, can cause embarrassment, can even cost the loss of your family, dignity, and worst of all your freedom. Don’t leave that to chance.

We will Protect your Rights

The Prosecutor’s job is not to protect your rights. Your Criminal Defense Attorney is there to protect your rights that you are entitled to under the United States Constitution. Every one deserves his/her rights to be protected. The Judge’s job is not to represent you or look out for you either. Without a zealous advocate at your side, you have nobody who is looking out for you and you will waive rights you didn’t even know you had. You may be throwing yourself at the mercy of the court and, guaranteed, you won’t be doing yourself any favors. Once the jail doors are locked, it’s a tough road to navigate and there may be little or no help once a guilty verdict has been handed down against you. Don’t take that chance; it’s is the most risky chance of your life and rarely do people win without an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer by their side.

Remember, you make think you are right and you may think that you have a solid story to relay to the court, but it won’t work. It never does. You will lose. The police are not on your side and will turn your story against you in a moment’s notice. The police may say that if you tell them certain information that it will help your case. It won’t, it never does, and you will lose. The police may ask you to come in for more discussions and agree to help you with your case. It never does. Again, you will lose. The police, the investigators, the good cops, and the bad cops are there to get a conviction against you. The last thing they want is to help you. They just want to gather evidence that can be later used in court to find you guilty. The entire system at that point is against you.

Why do I need an Experienced, Zealous, and Knowledgable Criminal Defense Attorney?

A solid Criminal Defense Lawyer, on the other hand, will not let you make these mistakes. You won’t be putting your liberties and rights in jeopardy. You will have an advocate to fight for your rights and not allow you to make the mistakes that the police and prosecutors hope that you make to incriminate yourself. Your best line of defense is to let the police and the prosecutors know that you aren’t talking to them and that you have legal counsel. You have a Constitutional Right not to speak to anybody on the defense side without an attorney and let them know that you know your right to legal counsel.

Contact Us to Stop the Harassment

Then, contact us and we will be there to prevent you from being harassed by the police, the prosecutors, and even the Judge. Once your attorney tells the officers and the prosecutors to leave you alone, then they have to or they are violating your Constitutional Rights. It is now time to let them know that you mean business and that you won’t be taken advantage of under any circumstances.

We will file motions on your behalf, assure that you have a speedy trial, make sure that you are not questioned without your lawyer being present, stop any confessions and not allow you to make any confessions or statements. We will begin preparing your trial right away and plan on taking your case to trial if the situation warrants that route. No matter what, your rights will be protected and you won’t be forced to do anything without your lawyer’s expert advice.

A Free Legal Consultation

Likewise, if you have been scheduled to go to court, please contact us immediately. If you go to court without a lawyer you may do damage that can’t be repaired or is very difficult to change. Don’t take that risk. Have Experienced, Competent, and Ethical Legal Representation at your side. If you have been notified of a court date, then contact us immediately and we will speak to you for free to discuss your options. What do you have to lose at that point? Nothing; you only have something to gain as you discuss ways in which your charges can be dismissed instead of you spending time behind bars for a crime that you may not have even committed or that the State does not have enough evidence to secure a judgement against you. Once those jail doors are slammed shut, it is difficult to get the justice that you deserve.

How Can I get the Justice that I Deserve?

Avoid that fatal mistake and contact us 24/7 at (813) 363-6664 or (770) 865-8654; by email at; and/or by the Contact Form on our website at

Our main interest is to get you the justice that you deserve. At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we strive for professionalism, ethical representation, knowledgable legal counsel, accessibility in your times of need, and to stand up for your rights. You deserve respect and honor; don’t let one incident ruin your life, take away your freedom, or damage all the things you have worked so hard for in your life. Please call us and let us take the burden. We know how and we have an excellent track record that we are welcome to share with you when you contact us. We are here to win and to make you the winner! You deserve the best and we are just a phone call away: (770) 865-8654. We look forward to hearing from you soon!