Uncontested Divorce Packet With Children

This Packet includes:

  1. Directions for Completion of the Forms;
  2. A Complaint for the Divorce;
  3. A Summons Form;
  4. A Verification Form;
  5. A Consent to A Trial for 31 Days After the Service of the Summons and Complaint, and A Waiver of the Right to a Trial by a Jury;
  6. An Acknowledgement of the Service and the Summons;
  7. The Defendant’s Acknowledgement of the Service of the Summons and Complaint, and the Defendant’s Affidavit of the Defendant’s Waiver of the Venue of the Case and the Defendant’s Agreement to Personal Jurisdiction of the Case;

This packet may be purchased alone for a fee of $ 150.00, with legal review for a total of $ 1,000.00 plus $ 200.00 for each child, and for $ 2,500.00 for Attorney to Draft, and a 1 hour Telephone Consultation, and $ 400.00 per child; these fees do not include filing fees or any other fees associated with the divorce.