Uncontested Divorce Packet Without Children

This Uncontested Divorce Packet in Georgia Without Children is for Sale and includes the following documents:

  1. Directions on how to Complete the Forms.;
  2. A Complaint for the Divorce;
  3. A Summons for Service of the Complaint and Verification;
  4. A Verification Form for the Complaint;
  5. A Consent to be signed by both Parties to Agree to A Trial 31 Days After the Service of the Summons and Complaint, and A Waiver by both Parties Agree to the Right to A Trial by A Jury;
  6. An Acknowledgement of the Defendant of the Service for the and Summons and the Complaint;
  7. The Defendant’s Acknowledgement of the Service of the Summons and Complaint, and the Affidavit of the Waiver of the Venue of the Case and the Personal Jurisdiction of the Case;
  8. A Settlement Agreement;
  9. A Final Divorce Judgement and Divorce Decree to be presented to the Court;
  10. A Form from the State of Georgia to Report the Divorce, an Annulment, or the Dissolution of A Marriage;
  11. A Rule Nisi Form Requesting a Final Hearing for the Divorce;

This packet may be purchased alone for a fee of $ 75.00, with legal review for a total of $ 450.00, and for $ 1,000.00 for Attorney to Draft, and a 30 minute Telephone Consultation; please kindly note that these fees do not include the filing fees or any other fees associated with the divorce.