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Man wins medical malpracitce suit over failure to test for virus

Every year, viruses cause life-threatening infections to thousands of people. When doctors fail to follow through with potentially life-saving testing for suspected illnesses, the patient may go on to suffer serious consequences or even death. Georgia residents who believe they have suffered greater harm due to a provider’s negligence may have a case for a medical…

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Pedestrian deaths going up in Georgia

Recently, Georgia has seen a very troubling trend. An increasing number of pedestrians are losing their lives out on the state’s roads.

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Construction workers: Follow these ladder safety tips

If you work in the construction industry, you may spend a lot of time climbing up and down ladders. While this is all part of your job, you don’t want to get lazy when doing so. It’s important to pay close attention to every step you take, as one mistake could cause a serious…

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