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Damages That Follow an Infant and/or Mother Birth Injury

There are certain costs of raising a child that you expect when you’re pregnant and your due date is fast approaching, such as diapers, food, and education. However, these financial considerations will be far from your mind if you’re informed that your baby has suffered a birth injury as a result of medical error….

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Cerebral Palsy and the Other Top Infant Birth Injuries

When you’ve experienced a seemingly normal pregnancy, it can be devastating to hear a health care provider use the words “cerebral palsy” in connection with your baby. However, you may be shocked to learn that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rank cerebral palsy as the most common childhood disability that affects…

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Injuries and/or Wrongful Death of the Mother

When you think of birth injuries, it’s common to assume that the infant was the victim. People tend to overlook that there are two individuals involved in the process, since the mother seems less vulnerable that a tiny fetus. However, she is also at risk of birth injury – at times due to medical…

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