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What Is Considered Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes? 

Trusting a nursing home with a family member is always a difficult decision. When financial abuse occurs, it can lead to numerous complications. Financial abuse in nursing homes occurs when a person is exploited in any way. There are various times when the victim, often a senior or a person with health complications, may be taken advantage of, and they do not realize it is happening.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney At Law & Affiliates, we recognize proving financial abuse in a nursing home setting is very difficult. We have the resources and experience to help you to do so.

Indications of Financial Abuse in a Nursing Home

Some examples of financial abuse occurring in long-term healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and other medical-based facilities include the following:

  • Charging for services a person does not receive
  • Theft of money from within the patient’s room or other belongings
  • Misuse of a power of attorney or bank accounts for a person who is older
  • Withdrawing funds from a resident’s bank without consent to do so
  • Overcharging for services
  • Billing the person for care twice
  • Forging signatures on financial documents, including credit card transactions and checks
  • Making changes to the will of another person
  • Changing other estate plans for the party without informed consent

Various People Can Be Responsible for Financial Abuse

Within a nursing home setting, there are various parties that could be responsible for this type of financial abuse, including:

  • The nursing home itself for double billing and fraudulent charges
  • Those providing care may sign checks or obtain money from a resident negligently
  • A person cleaning the nursing home who steals information or money from the resident
  • A family member who comes into the nursing home and makes changes to legal documents without informed consent
  • Those who hold and abuse the power of attorney for a person within a nursing home

In situations where this type of abuse occurs, a party may be responsible for more than just paying back the money taken. This is often a criminal act and one that is punishable by jail time and fines, depending on the situation.

How to Know If Your Family Member Is Being Financially Abused

The warning signs of financial abuse in a nursing home often include:

  • Money or assets disappearing
  • Sudden changes to accounts at a bank
  • Banking practices that change
  • Unnecessary services or fees being charged to the person
  • A person does not have control over their finances any longer
  • Unauthorized withdrawals or transfers from a bank account
  • Signs of abuse or neglect in care for a person in the nursing home
  • Use of power of attorney for personal gains that do not benefit the resident

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