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Lack of staffing makes residents vulnerable to nursing home abuse

The decision to seek qualified residential care for an aging loved one is seldom an easy one for families. In spite of the time and effort that goes into selecting a facility that appears to meet the needs of the resident, it is not always possible to protect a loved one from nursing home abuse or neglect. One of the most pressing concerns for these facilities here in Georgia and elsewhere is the lack of trained staff.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conducts reviews of facilities as well as keeps records of complaints. One of the most often cited issues is substandard care, which administrators blame on staffing. This is becoming a problem in nursing homes around the country as staff turnover and low pay are making it difficult for facilities to retain the staff required to meet the needs of residents. 

Residents urged to report any incidents of nursing home abuse

Across the nation, the month of October is set aside to increase awareness of the issues that residents of long-term care facilities often face. In spite of the significant effort that is often made to choose an appropriate facility, there remains the possibility that a resident may become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Georgia families whose loved ones have suffered harm from abusive or negligent providers do have recourse to pursue justice.

Recently, county commissioners in one state announced that they would be using the month of October to encourage residents of long-term care facilities to become more active advocates for their own well-being. A nationwide study reports that an estimated 60 percent of residents do not have any family or friends who will check up on their welfare. In addition to lacking any family support, it is estimated that only 20 percent of all incidents involving abuse or neglect are reported. Furthermore, nearly 80 percent of residents who do report poor treatment fear retaliation.

3 pedestrians injured by teen driving stolen vehicle

Without warning, even the most mundane task can become a life-altering event. Though the majority of Georgia residents do not dwell on the idea that a serious car accident can happen at any time, the reality is that life is unpredictable and can change without warning. Recently, three innocent bystanders were engaged in an extracurricular activity when their lives were turned upside down through no fault of their own.

Georgia police reported that a delivery driver was preparing to make his rounds when he apparently had to return to a business for a forgotten item. He left his vehicle running and, when he returned to it, a teenager was seated behind the wheel. The youth apparently indicated that he had a weapon and then proceeded to drive away in the van. During the course of the pursuit, the 16-year-old struck a police cruiser and failed to stop at a traffic signal.

Your office may not be as safe as you think

When you think of dangerous jobs that have a high rate of workplace accidents, you probably think of construction workers, law enforcement officers and firefighters. You may think that your Atlanta office on the 10th floor is one of the safest places you can work. Unfortunately, even a business office has hidden dangers that can lead to workplace injuries.

Employees who perform administrative duties or work in a private-industry office often suffer workplace injuries that could have easily been prevented if someone in the office had simply recognized the risks and took steps to reduce the likelihood of incidents. Here are some common workplace dangers that might exist in your office.

Late night ride turns into tragic motorcycle crash with 4 killed

Bikers claim that riding their motorcycles is one of the greatest passions of their lives. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and skilled operator can become a victim of a horrific motorcycle crash. One Florida driver is now facing multiple charges after striking several motorcyclists with his vehicle.

According to the police report, the terrifying events unfolded shortly after 1 a.m. A group of bikers were traveling north on I-95 when one of the riders was involved in an accident. As the rest of the group pulled over to come to the victim's aid, a motorist driving a van plowed into the group. Several riders were critically injured in the collision.

Inmate agrees to settlement in medical malpractice case

Regardless of the circumstances, every patient is entitled to comprehensive and professional medical care. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen, especially in institutional settings such as correctional or nursing home facilities. Whenever a Georgia patient suffers harm as a result of medical malpractice, he or she may suffer additional consequences in the form of monetary losses.

An inmate recently agreed to settle a medical malpractice that was filed against his state's Department of Corrections. According to his claim, the physicians charged with his care misdiagnosed his subcutaneous lymphoma as a skin infection. He reportedly suffered with his condition for approximately three years before receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment. He was subsequently paroled due to his medical condition.

Man who suffered brain injury at construction site has died

For a die-hard football fan, helping to build a stadium for one's favorite team may seem like a dream come true. Unfortunately, not every dream has a happy ending, and for some, a construction site accident can not only tarnish a dream -- it can change life irrevocably. Recently, family members of one Georgia man who was injured while working on the new Atlanta Falcons stadium announced that he had died due to complications from his injury.

According to the man's brother, the deceased worker was hired by the construction crew approximately one year into the project. Though the details were not repeated in the announcement, the brother reported receiving a call that the man had been injured at work. Somehow, during the removal of a scaffolding, the structure fell on the mand he suffered grievous injuries.

There is a 26 percent chance long-term disability will be needed

Many workers obtain life insurance once they become parents. However, according to one report, there is a greater likelihood that one will suffer a serious injury or illness rather than die before retirement. It is in these situations that long-term disability becomes a safety net for primary wage-earners. Georgia residents who have experienced these uncertain events can attest to the value of these types of policies.

According to the Social Security Administration, the average 20-year-old male worker faces a greater than 25 percent chance of suffering an illness or accident that results in the inability to work for an average of three years. Conversely, the same worker only faces slightly higher than a 7 percent chance of dying young. As such, it highlights the need for workers to access a stream of income for these periods. There are two ways to acquire these types of insurance -- through one's employer or the independent marketplace. There are pros and cons to each.

Truck accidents happen for many reasons: Many are avoidable

If you spend any amount of time driving on the interstate, you'll come to find your vehicle in close proximity to commercial trucks. There is no way around this, so you need to become familiar with the best way to share the road.

Car-truck accidents happen for many reasons. There are things you can do to improve your safety, however, you don't have control over what truck drivers are doing when they are behind the wheel.

Georgia officer justified in shooting pet involved in dog attack

One of the strongest inter-species bonds is the one between people and their pets. Unfortunately, though the majority of dogs are devoted family members, there are countless reports of animals being involved in vicious attacks on people. One recent dog attack resulted in a child suffering bite wounds and a Georgia officer being forced to defend himself.

According to the record, a call came into police dispatchers concerning a report of a child being attacked by a neighborhood dog. When an officer arrived, it was determined that the animal that inflicted several bites on the 10-year-old boy was still on the loose. The officer tracked down the animal at its home where it was still unrestrained. As the owner was being questioned, the animal assumed a threatening stance and then attempted to launch an attack on police.

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