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Late night ride turns into tragic motorcycle crash with 4 killed

Bikers claim that riding their motorcycles is one of the greatest passions of their lives. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and skilled operator can become a victim of a horrific motorcycle crash. One Florida driver is now facing multiple charges after striking several motorcyclists with his vehicle.

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After a truck accident, request an attorney at the scene

It is never easy to know how to respond to a commercial truck accident in Florida. The sheer scale of the damages is often immense, and finding your bearings in the aftermath is rarely easy, unless you are extremely fortunate.

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In Cobb County, Georgia a young Toddler was Left in a Hot Van for Two (2) Hours while at Day Care; the Driver of said Van was Arrested

It is that time of the year when we all get ready for some fun in the sun. Children are out of school after counting the last days on the calendar until Summer Break. Parents are busy adjusting their work schedules and care for their children during this time, while teachers take a much…

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