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Late night ride turns into tragic motorcycle crash with 4 killed

Bikers claim that riding their motorcycles is one of the greatest passions of their lives. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and skilled operator can become a victim of a horrific motorcycle crash. One Florida driver is now facing multiple charges after striking several motorcyclists with his vehicle.

According to the police report, the terrifying events unfolded shortly after 1 a.m. A group of bikers were traveling north on I-95 when one of the riders was involved in an accident. As the rest of the group pulled over to come to the victim’s aid, a motorist driving a van plowed into the group. Several riders were critically injured in the collision.

Initial reports indicated that there were between five and seven people hurt. When emergency crews arrived, they quickly realized that the number of casualties included 11 injured, with seven of them requiring transportation to local hospitals. Three of those victims were taken to a nearby trauma center where they died. Another person died a few hours later at an unknown facility.

The driver of the van is facing several counts of intoxicated manslaughter, three counts of driving under the influence and causing serious injury, and property damages. He is also charged with resisting Florida officers with violence. The families who have lost their loved ones through this senseless act may never fully recover emotionally. The injured may face a long recovery from their injuries that were caused by the negligence of an inebriated driver. Those who have lost loved ones or have suffered serious injuries due to a motorcycle crash that was the fault of another party may seek relief for their monetary losses through the filing of a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.