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$ 400,000.00 Settlement in a Georgia Case where a Woman was Hit by a Golf Cart: The Defendant’s Homeowner’s Insurance Policy will Pay

In May of 2012 there was a concert in Peachtree City, Georgia outdoors where people regularly use golf carts as transportation. After the concert, as the crowd was dispersing, a woman, Tracy Self, was with her husband walking out of the concert venue when she was struck by a golf cart driven by William…

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Arbitration Clause is Held Unenforceable in Case with Rehabilitation Center

I discussed in my prior blog post about Do Not Sign Your Rights Away that Arbitration Clauses can be held enforceable in some agreements involving Nursing Homes. In a recent case out of Arkansas with a Rehabilitation Center the Rehabilitation Center moved the court to enforce the Arbitration Clause. The Court of Appeals held,…

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