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3 pedestrians injured by teen driving stolen vehicle

Without warning, even the most mundane task can become a life-altering event. Though the majority of Georgia residents do not dwell on the idea that a serious car accident can happen at any time, the reality is that life is unpredictable and can change without warning. Recently, three innocent bystanders were engaged in an extracurricular activity when their lives were turned upside down through no fault of their own.

Georgia police reported that a delivery driver was preparing to make his rounds when he apparently had to return to a business for a forgotten item. He left his vehicle running and, when he returned to it, a teenager was seated behind the wheel. The youth apparently indicated that he had a weapon and then proceeded to drive away in the van. During the course of the pursuit, the 16-year-old struck a police cruiser and failed to stop at a traffic signal.

He crashed into a pickup truck, which caused him to lose control of the van. It went into a spin and collided with three individuals who were standing in the median to solicit donations for a local high school. The impact of the vehicle injured all three individuals with two of them suffering broken bones.

Georgia officials are expected to charge the teen driver with multiple felony counts. Two of the victims, both 17-year-old girls, suffered mainly from contusions and abrasions, and one suffered a broken leg; the third victim, a 42-year-old woman, was rushed to emergency surgery for her broken legs. All three may require some time to recover both physically and psychologically from this terrifying car accident. Families who find themselves in these types of circumstances may also struggle with the financial burdens imposed by medical bills and lost wages. A knowledgeable attorney can provide assistance in filing a civil suit against the parties who can be deemed liable for their losses.