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Georgia officer justified in shooting pet involved in dog attack

One of the strongest inter-species bonds is the one between people and their pets. Unfortunately, though the majority of dogs are devoted family members, there are countless reports of animals being involved in vicious attacks on people. One recent dog attack resulted in a child suffering bite wounds and a Georgia officer being forced to defend himself.

According to the record, a call came into police dispatchers concerning a report of a child being attacked by a neighborhood dog. When an officer arrived, it was determined that the animal that inflicted several bites on the 10-year-old boy was still on the loose. The officer tracked down the animal at its home where it was still unrestrained. As the owner was being questioned, the animal assumed a threatening stance and then attempted to launch an attack on police.

The officer responded by retreating a few steps, but the dog continued forward. The officer fired one shot at the animal in self-defense. The dog suffered a fatal injury from the gunshot. The entire episode was recorded by a body camera. After reviewing the recording, it was determined that the officer followed procedure and acted in a justified manner.

The owner of the dog was later issued several citations by animal control in connection with the attack on the child. The severity of the young victim’s injuries was undisclosed, but he did receive treatment from emergency providers on the scene. Whenever a Georgia resident suffers injuries from animal bites, he or she often suffers not just physical and emotional trauma but may also sustain monetary damages as well. Because Georgia laws concerning a dog attack can be confusing, victims may be best served by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to have their case assessed and determine the best course for seeking just compensation for an unprovoked incident.