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Important Rules to Follow if you Want to Win your Injury Case in Georgia ~ part two.

This is a follow up from my prior blog post about Important Rules to Follow if you Want to Win your Injury Case in Georgia.

Third, during your case, be sure that you keep good records such as a copy of the police report, a diary of how you feel each day and what activities you were not able to enjoy that you were able to enjoy prior to the injury, all correspondence with the insurance company and the other party, contact information for your doctors and potential witnesses, receipts for medical treatment, records of lost time from work, photographs or videos of your injuries, a copy of insurance policies, car repair information, and receipts from anything involving the accident or injury.

The more documentation that you have, the better. Be as meticulous and organized with this information as you can be as you gather this information. You may think that you will remember every detail but memories do fade over time so the more documentation and record keeping, the better for your case.

Do not share this information, however, with anyone except your legal counsel. This is not the time to post messages on social media as these things may very well end up hurting your case. Insurance companies have investigators and they will follow you and watch your every move so keep your notes and documentation private.

Finally, seek legal counsel as soon as possible following an accident or injury so you have someone to advocate for your legal rights so you can focus on getting well, and also so you aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance companies. As the saying goes, only a fool has him or herself as a client. There are many legal consequences in injury cases and the insurance companies will not hesitate to take advantage of the unrepresented. You may think that you can do better settling your own case but this is rarely the situation, and insurance companies know this very well.

When you do retain legal counsel be honest with your attorney so that your attorney can represent you in the best way under the particular circumstances of your case. If your lawyer doesn’t have all the facts, then your lawyer can not plan a clear course for your case.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we are experts at representing people who are injured so please feel free to Contact Us following your injury or accident for your free legal consultation. We are here to assist you and insure that you receive the most amount of compensation that you deserve under Georgia Law.