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Inmate agrees to settlement in medical malpractice case

Regardless of the circumstances, every patient is entitled to comprehensive and professional medical care. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, especially in institutional settings such as correctional or nursing home facilities. Whenever a Georgia patient suffers harm as a result of medical malpractice, he or she may suffer additional consequences in the form of monetary losses.

An inmate recently agreed to settle a medical malpractice that was filed against his state’s Department of Corrections. According to his claim, the physicians charged with his care misdiagnosed his subcutaneous lymphoma as a skin infection. He reportedly suffered with his condition for approximately three years before receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment. He was subsequently paroled due to his medical condition.

During an audit of the prison system’s health care, it was discovered that there are more than two dozen similar cases that have been identified as also being cases of malpractice. Eight of these cases resulted in the deaths of the inmates. The state recently allowed its contract with its provider to expire over concerns of lack of oversight and quality control. According to reports, the state attempted to conceal the findings of the report from local media sources and the public.

In an effort to ensure that inmates receive higher quality care, the medical director recently resigned and more than 600 providers and support staff have been hired to provide medical services. In its decision to settle the recent medical malpractice suit for an estimated $1.3 million, the state claimed that it did not make any mistakes but that it wished to avoid additional controversy and legal actions. Every Georgia resident deserves quality medical care, regardless of his or her circumstances. When it doesn’t happen, relief for documented financial damages may be pursued through the state’s civil justice system.