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Man who suffered brain injury at construction site has died

For a die-hard football fan, helping to build a stadium for one’s favorite team may seem like a dream come true. Unfortunately, not every dream has a happy ending, and for some, a construction site accident can not only tarnish a dream — it can change life irrevocably. Recently, family members of one Georgia man who was injured while working on the new Atlanta Falcons stadium announced that he had died due to complications from his injury.

According to the man’s brother, the deceased worker was hired by the construction crew approximately one year into the project. Though the details were not repeated in the announcement, the brother reported receiving a call that the man had been injured at work. Somehow, during the removal of a scaffolding, the structure fell on the man and he suffered grievous injuries.

He was initially treated at a nearby hospital and then transferred to another medical center for more advanced treatment. Later, he was moved to a facility that specializes in patients with brain injuries. Recently, he was transferred to an out-of-state care facility due to complications from his head trauma. The family announced that he died last month due to the injuries he suffered.

It is unclear whether the construction company was held liable for the serious accident at the time. Any time a Georgia resident suffers a serious injury from a construction site accident or any other work environment, he or she is entitled to file a claim for benefits from the workers’ compensation program. If an accident results in the death of an employee, then the victim’s family may receive a one-time death benefit from the program as well. If a worker encounters difficulties during the claims process, he or she is entitled to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney in order to obtain the maximum amount of these benefits without undo delay.