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What To Do to Reduce the Number of Injuries and Deaths from Drunk and Impaired Driving in Georgia ~ part two


This is a follow up to the blog post What To Do to Reduce the Number of Injuries and Deaths from Drunk and Impaired Driving in Georgia ~ part one.

4.) Team Up with Other Drunk and Impaired Driving Accident Victims in your Community and Become Active in the Fight Against Drunk and Impaired Driving: Education is the key. By educating our youth and our community about the dangers of driving drunk or impaired, we send a message. If we are heard and listened to by just one person, then we might have saved a life. Most of the drunk and impaired driving accidents happened with younger drivers so it is important that we reach out to this segment of our community and educate our youth of the dangers of driving drunk or impaired.

Teaming up with others who lives have been touched by the actions of a drunk or impaired driver can be both healing for the victims as well as sharing with the community the pain that has been suffered by these acts. Using your trauma to educate may prevent future drunk or impaired driving accidents.

5.) Notify your Local Police Department that you are in Favor of Sobriety Checkpoints: Sobriety Checkpoints are roadblocks that are set up by law enforcement to apprehend drunk or impaired drivers. Sometimes these drivers may not show obvious signs of intoxication, but are still driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These checkpoints tend to be put into place around the holidays and other major events where drinking and partying are more likely.

In Buckhead, Georgia a few years back, these sobriety checks were routinely set up outside the Buckhead, GA area, a location where people would routinely go on the weekends to party and drink, and these roadblocks served as both a deterrent and to apprehend those who thought they could drink inside the perimeter and then head home outside the perimeter. Remember, impaired driving is not a legal right and it is against the law, and we, as citizens need to be vocal that we will not tolerate this type of behavior.

6.) Encourage your Legislators to Reduce the Illegal Blood Alcohol Limit to .05%: Currently, Georgia law states that the illegal blood alcohol limit is .08%. Research has shown, however, that .05% is the level where drivers are more likely to risk causing an accident. People can still be charged with impaired driving even if they are driving below the legal limit. Lowering the limit officially, however, will discourage people from even thinking about taking one drink and driving which will safe lives.

These are just a handful of examples of ways in which you can get involved to reduce the injuries and deaths from drunk and impaired driving in Georgia. Even if you simply take personal responsibility and make a rule to never get behind the wheel if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs (illegal or prescription), or if you feel that you are in any way impaired, then you may save a life. If you feel that you are impaired and should not drive, then designate a sober driver, call a cab, or ask for a ride home. Do whatever you think you need to do so you don’t get behind the wheel impaired and drive.

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