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A Different Kind of Premises Liability Case as a Woman Sues a Hotel in East Cobb for Dangerous Bed Bug Bites

bed-bugs-for-september-5-blog.jpgAs I have discussed on my website, Premises Liability is the duty of the owner or occupier of land or property to keep its premises safe for guests or visitors and, in some cases, even trespassers. Many times when we think of Premises Liability, Slip and Fall cases come to mind.

As I have discussed in prior blog posts, however, Premises Liability can be anytime in which the owner or occupier of property does not keep its premises safe not just from a slip and fall incident, but also safe in terms of making sure that crime is kept to a minimum as in the Motel 6 case I discussed in my prior blog where a young man was shot and killed on the premises, and the owner of the property knew of the dangerous conditions of the property.

The case I will discuss today is a Premises Liability case of a different nature.

In this case the Plaintiff, Ms. Dashsawn Diaz, spent three (3) days at Crestwood Suites in Marietta, Georgia. Each day during her stay when she woke up she said that it felt like something had been eating her. She also had scars all over her body. People would ask her about the scars, but she had no explanation.

Later, the scars became infected on one of her legs that caused her to be hospitalized. During her hospitalization the doctors considered amputating her leg due to the nature of the infection. Diaz learned that the wounds on her leg were from bed bugs that had bitten her while she was staying at the hotel, and it was the wounds that caused the infection that nearly cost her her leg.

Now, Dashawn Diaz is suing the Homewood Suites on Roswell Road where she stayed and contracted the dangerous bed bug bites claiming that this injury has had a negative impact on her life as she has lost all confidence, become depressed, and feels less than beautiful from the scars left from the bugs that bite her, and she is claiming that the hotel is the one to blame.

Furthermore, when she was asked to be moved to another room, the hotel delayed until it was too late and the bed bugs had already done the damage.

Although it may or may not have been alleged in the lawsuit, Ms. Diaz could also be entitled to compensation for her medical bills, pain and suffering both emotional and physical, lost wages if she missed any time from work, and for the scarring that may be left on her legs. The scarring could be considered a permanent disfigurement.

In addition, if the hotel knew of the bed bugs and failed to remedy the problem, plus the delay in transferring Ms. Diaz to a different room in a timely manner as mentioned herein above, then the hotel could be held liable for punitive damages as well.

The hotel will not comment on the lawsuit.

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