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A Jury in Georgia sides with the Plaintiff against Wal-Mart by Awarding $ 1.3 Million in a Premises Liability Case

wet-floor-sign-for-august-26-blog.jpgIn August of 2010, Kelly Rorro, a young mother at age 22 and 8 months pregnant with her second child, was shopping at a Wal-Mart in Hinesville, GA when she Slipped and Fell hard on a greasy substance on the floor, injuring her back .

Ms. Rorro began having contractions after the fall and was taken to the emergency room by her father. Fortunately, she was able to carry her unborn child to term and have a successful delivery of the baby thereafter.

Unfortunately, Ms. Rorro, after the delivery of her baby, was diagnosed with an annular fissure which is a back injury that causes a great deal of a pain that is not able to be corrected by surgery. It was determined that this injury was from the fall at Walmart, and Ms. Rorro and her husband, Mr. Curtis Rorro, sued the store for Failing to Keep Its Premises Safe.

Ms. Rorro was on pain medication until she sought treatment that included a spinal cord simulator which is a device that is insert surgically and sends electronic messages to the brain to block pain. At trial, the jury heard evidence that it was estimated that the cost of this simulator over time would be approximately $ 730,000.00. The jury also heard evidence from the defense arguing that it was unlikely that Ms. Rorro would need this simulator for that length of time.

On August 18, 2014, the jury, after a four (4) day trial and only four (4) hours of deliberation, returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff, Ms. Rorro, who at the time of trial was age 26, for $ 1,286.00.00, for her back injury, and for $ 100,000.00 to Ms. Rorro’s husband, Mr. Curtis Rorro, an Army Solider who fought in Iraq until he was discharged for injuries sustained while on duty in combat, for loss of consortium. At the time of trial, the couple had 3 children as well.

In Georgia, Premises Liability cases tend to be very difficult cases for Plaintiffs to win. We have seen the trend shifting, however, as I have written in my past blog posts about a large jury verdict against Kroger for a Slip and Fall, and another large verdict in DeKalb County for a Slip and Fall in a Condominium parking lot, and further for another Premises Liability case against Motel 6 for Failing to Keep Its Premises safe from danger.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we are experts at representing people in Premises Liability Cases, including, but not limited to, cases involving a Slip and Fall, and cases involving Dangerous Premises similar to the Motel 6 case that was discussed in an earlier blog.

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