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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Jury: Henry County, Georgia Jury Awards $ 100,000 in Excess of the Defendant’s Final Offer of Settlement

q1.jpgIn 2012, Rebecca Grimes was driving on Warm Springs Road in Georgia heading West when she was hit in the side by John Watson who was driving on Manchester Expressway when he pulled into her and caused the collision. Ms. Grimes’ shoulder was severely injured as her arms were reaching towards the steering wheel causing a blunt force to her shoulder.

Ms. Grimes had to have surgery on her shoulder and her medical bills were approximately $ 110,000.00 including said surgery. The treating surgeon testified to this fact at trial and the jury agreed. Liability on the part of the Defendant Watson was not at issue at trial. What was at issue at trial, however, was whether or not the amount of damages were excessive and whether or not the crash actually caused Plaintiff Grimes’ injuries. It was duly noted at trial that Ms. Grimes had never had an issue with her shoulder prior to the crash.

The Plaintiff and the Defendant both argued their positions passionately at trial but both remained professional. The case is Grimes v. Watson, No. 14-SV-130-BWS. The case was tried in Henry County State Court since the Court had jurisdiction over the Defendant due to his address in Henry County. The jury ultimately awarded $ 250,000.00 which was $ 100,000.00 over the Defendant’s final offer to settle the case. As was noted by the Plaintiff, if she would have accepted the final offer of $ 150,000.00 that would only have been enough money to pay her medical bills and her attorneys’ fees with nothing left for her pain and suffering or any other damages. The Plaintiff was left with no choice but to take her case to a jury.

As those of us who have litigation law practices, we all know too well the risk, and the potential benefits, of taking a case to trial. The bottom line becomes one that if the offer from the Defendant is not enough to compensate the Plaintiff in full for all the damages incurred including pain and suffering that you must be prepared to take the case to trial to be determined by a finder of fact whether it be a Judge or a Jury.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates when we are retained by a client in a case we immediately begin preparing the case for a trial. Even though over 90% of the cases in Georgia result in a fair and equitable settlement, you must be prepared in every case to go to trial and we work our cases with this notion from the very day that we are retained on a case. As a result, our track record is one that is hard to beat as we are prepared every step of the way and we don’t stop until the case either settles for an amount that is satisfactory for the client or whether we have to take the case to trial.

We know how to put together a winning case and we do that for every client that retains us in their accident case. If you or a loved one have been injured in any type of accident, then please Contact Us as soon as possible so that we may begin investigating your case. We are diligent in our practice and we don’t leave any stone unturned. We look forward to hearing from you and your loved ones soon so that we can begin the process of working your case so you receive all that you deserve.