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Georgia Nurse Receives Temporary Disability Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Shoulder Strain Suffered at Work

65899_hospital_bed_2-sxchu.jpgAn administrative law judge (“ALJ”) for the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has ordered an employer to pay temporary total disability benefits to a nurse who was hurt while performing her job duties. In Case No. 2014-007345, a Charlton County employer requested a hearing to determine whether an employee was entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for the injuries she allegedly sustained in a workplace accident. Although the employer was mailed a notice pursuant to the requirements of Georgia law, the employer failed to enter an appearance at the hearing. After reviewing the evidence offered by the worker, the ALJ issued his findings of fact and conclusions of law.

According to the ALJ, the worker’s testimony established that her employer had seven or more employees. Because of this, the employer was subject to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. After determining that he had jurisdiction to review the case, the ALJ noted that venue was also proper. Next, the ALJ found that the injured worker successfully established she was employed as a licensed practical nurse, earning approximately $722 per week from the employer at the time of the alleged incident.

The ALJ next stated the testimony that was offered by the nurse was credible. He then found that the nurse strained her right shoulder while moving patients at work in November 2013. The ALJ also stated the employee’s testimony indicated that she provided her employer with timely notice of the injury, as required by O.C.G.A. §34-9-80. After that, the ALJ said the evidence demonstrated the nurse suffered a compensable injury accident that arose out of her employment.

Next, the ALJ found that the nurse’s employer was liable to pay temporary total disability benefits to her from the date of her accident until the date she returned to work under O.C.G.A. §34-9-261. Because of this, the employer was ordered to pay the nurse $525 per week in workers’ compensation benefits for the period during which she was disabled. In addition, the ALJ ordered the employer to pay for any medical expenses that resulted from the nurse’s workplace injury. Since the nurse failed to bring copies of her medical expenses, the ALJ stated the employer was liable for those healthcare costs that were “reasonably required to effect a cure or give relief,” and he added that the employer may request an additional hearing in the future over any disputed medical bills.

Successfully navigating Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws on your own can be difficult. If you suffered an injury in an Atlanta workplace accident, you should discuss your rights with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney. For a free consultation with a seasoned lawyer, give Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates a call today at (770) 865-8654 or contact us online. Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates has years of experience representing individuals who were hurt on the job across Georgia.

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