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Settlement of $ 12 Million Dollars for an Augusta, Georgia Family Man Who was Severely Brain Damaged in a Trucking Accident ~ part two

light-speed-blog-oct-5-2014.jpgThis is my continuation of a very interesting case from my last blog post titled, “Settlement of $ 12 Million Dollars for an Augusta, Georgia Family Man Who was Severely Brain Damaged in a Trucking Accident ~ part one.” As I discussed in my last blog post, there were many factors that finally led up to the insurance company of the Defendant’s Employer to decide to settle the case early and for an amount that was double the amount of the actual compensatory damages of the Plaintiff.

In continuing that discussion, there were other issues at play such as the fact that the Defendant was not hurt at or after the accident, but that the Plaintiff sustained a catastrophic injury to the brain including a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage leaving him now living in a home in Augusta, GA that is a home for the exclusive treatment for people with injuries to the brain who no longer need medical care, but are not ready to go home yet. Mr. Bellamy’s mother has also been appointed as his legal guardian.

In addition, after the deposition of the eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident, who collaborated with the Plaintiff’s version of the events, and also described in detail the scene of the accident, then the defense really began to take notice and think about the value of settling the case verses continuing the case further.

What you might find most interesting in this case is that the actual damages sustained by Mr. Bellamy by the wreck totaled $ 1.38 million in medical bills, $ 4.2 million for future life care, and lost future wages of $ 776,810.00 for a total of just over $ 6 Million Dollars in actual damages. Some money was also most certainly factored in for past, present, and future pain and suffering as well.

The case, however, resulted in an ultimate settlement by the Plaintiff of $ 12 Million Dollars which is double his actual compensatory monetary damages. This is unusual even taking into consideration pain and suffering, and other damages not mentioned such as a possible permanent brain injury.

It is, therefore, apparent that not only the severity of the injury, but also the character of the injured such as Mr. Bellamy who was a great guy and had a good family, and was solid as a Plaintiff, and the recollection of the actual crash by eyewitnesses, had a direct impact on an early and large settlement by the insurance company.

The take away from this case is that it is important to understand that no matter what the facts of your case, that it is important to get the insurance companies attention early on in your case and to have the insurance company take notice of all the positives of your case, the negatives of their case, and that you have an answer for any negatives of your case. As I have always said, if you can answer the tough question(s) about your case, then you are on your way to a winning settlement or verdict.

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