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The Standard of Care in Georgia for Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer ~ part 1


Ovarian Cancer is a very serious and under-recognized threat to women’s health as it is one of the deadliest of the gynecologic cancers, and it is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women that occurs in 1 out of 57 women. Therefore, an estimated 14,000 American women will die from ovarian cancer each year with about 50% of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer dying from it within five (5) years of a diagnosis, and, among African American women only about 46% survive five (5) years or more.

A staggering three (3) out of four (4) cases are detected in the late stage when the five-year survival rate is only about 25%. As with most cancers, the best way to beat and fight Ovarian Cancer is early detection when it is very treatable. In those cases where the cancer is detected before it has metastasized and spread to other organs outside of the ovaries, more than 90% of the women survive more than five (5) years.

Unfortunately, only about 25% of the Ovarian Cancer cases diagnosed in the U.S. are detected in the early stages. Therefore, since this cancer is usually diagnosed in the advanced stages, there is only about a 25% chance of a five (5) year survival or more.

In our age of modern technology we must ask ourselves why is Ovarian Cancer, often times called the “silent killer”, difficult to diagnose? Some of the answers lie herein below and in part 2 and part 3 of my blog posts, as I continue to discuss the Standard of Care in Georgia in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer.

Other answers are since the symptoms are easily confused with other diseases since many patients with Ovarian Cancer present with symptoms that include, but are not limited to, abdominal bloating or pressure, changes in bladder or bowel issues, excessive fatigue, abnormal bleeding, and pain during intercourse. Furthermore, even with all the advances in medical technology there still is no reliable, easy to administer screening tool.

Therefore, since early recognition is the best way to save women’s lives who have a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, it is imperative that we continue to educate ourselves and our doctors about Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms so these won’t be ignored or misinterpreted as other diseases, but as symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. It is also important to note some of the risk factors that should be recognized in women who are at a higher risk for developing this deadly disease such as increasing age, personal or family history of the disease and of other cancers such as breast or colon cancer, and not bearing a child.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates we are dedicated to the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer and to raising awareness about this deadly disease, and we are experts in representing women and their loved ones who have been misdiagnosed or mistreated for this disease.

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