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Your office may not be as safe as you think

When you think of dangerous jobs that have a high rate of workplace accidents, you probably think of construction workers, law enforcement officers and firefighters. You may think that your Atlanta office on the 10th floor is one of the safest places you can work. Unfortunately, even a business office has hidden dangers that can lead to workplace injuries.

Employees who perform administrative duties or work in a private-industry office often suffer workplace injuries that could have easily been prevented if someone in the office had simply recognized the risks and took steps to reduce the likelihood of incidents. Here are some common workplace dangers that might exist in your office.


The most common type of workplace injuries that occur in office settings result from falls. Simply by encouraging staff to be more aware of their surroundings, this kind of accident can be reduced. For example, you should take steps to keep your work area clutter-free, take more precautions when walking around blind corners and notifying maintenance of places where the carpet might be coming up.

“Stuck by” accidents

Another common type of injury in an office setting occurs when a worker is struck or caught by an object. For instance, how many times have you had a close encounter with a file cabinet drawer or a top-heavy stack of file boxes? To avoid these kinds of accidents, make sure you always close a desk or file cabinet drawer when it is not in use. Also, be sure to store items correctly in shelving units to avoid falling objects.

Ergonomic injuries

Since many office workers spend most of their days seated at a desk and working on a computer, ergonomic injuries are often the most prevalent in this kind of setting. These types of injuries can be difficult to detect and do not seem overly serious. However, years of repetitive movements can lead to debilitating conditions that require one or more surgeries to correct. Having an adjustable chair, practicing correct mouse placement and even utilizing document holders for typing from hard copies can go a long way to reduce these kinds of workplace injuries.

Fire safety

Your comfortable office on the 10th floor also comes with some risk when it comes to fires. To reduce the chances of worker injuries or even death, it is vital to ensure that all electrical cords and outlets are in good condition and working properly. Also, be sure that there are regular inspections and necessary repairs to fire sprinklers, space heaters and emergency exits.

While you may consider your office a very safe place to work, keep in mind that there still could be a danger lurking around the next corner. By being aware, alert and encouraging other employees to do the same, you can greatly reduce your risk of suffering a workplace accident. Unfortunately, not all accidents are 100 percent avoidable. If you have suffered a work-related injury, you might be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation.