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Birth Injuries And Wrongful Death Birth In Georgia

There are many different causes of a birth injury. A birth injury can be caused by injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall on hazardous property, pharmaceutical drugs or device. However, the most common cause of a birth injury is doctor or hospital negligence during the birthing process. Sadly, a newborn baby can and do suffer a wide range of injuries during labor.

Top 5 Common Wrongful Birth Injuries

1. Cerebral palsy: Babies suffer brain damage if they are in the birth canal for too long without an adequate supply of oxygen. The result is a reduction in motor or sensory functions and musculoskeletal problems and referred to as cerebral palsy.

2. Erb’s palsy: Tearing or stretching of a baby’s peripheral nerve during the vaginal birth process can result in permanent paralysis of the upper body, shoulder, arm, or hand. This is often referred to as Erb’s Palsy.

3. Clavicle fracture: This occurs when the baby’s collarbone is broken during a vaginal delivery.

4. Pneumonitis peritonitis: This occurs when a baby has a bowel movement inside the womb and either ingests or aspirates parts of the bowel content. This can cause serious injury to the body or lungs.

5. Facial paralysis: When forceps are used to help deliver a baby, undue pressure can damage the facial nerve causing permanent paralysis to parts of the face.

Help From Our Experienced Team

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, our team of attorneys has over 75 years of combined experience handling a wide range of personal injuries, including those caused by negligent doctors, nurses or other health care professionals, for individuals in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

We know how to evaluate these cases from the very beginning. We enlist a variety of medical experts in each case we handle to assist with the evaluations process and help us put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Whether the case involves thoughtful negotiating or aggressive advocacy at trial — we never back down. Our ultimate goal is to hold the person or entity accountable for their negligent actions and get you maximum compensation you and your baby need now and in the future years to come.

Fatal Birth Injuries

In tragic circumstances, a birth injury can result in the wrongful death of the child or the mother. When negligent actions lead to a fatality, our team will take the necessary steps to secure financial compensation to help your family through this difficult period of time.

A Personal Story

Founding attorney, Julie A. Rice, knows personally the tragedy parents experience from harm caused to their baby from a negligent medical professional.

Her family lost a newborn baby from a senseless medical malpractice error. She knows the pain and anguish involved with losing a sibling — suffering that never seems to goes away.

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Although our lawyers cannot undo what happened, we can help get justice for the act and provide financial stability for you, your baby and your family.

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