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Georgia Intersection Accident Attorney

Just today, I watched four cars pass me as I was stopped at a yellow light. Possibly a red or green light would clearly define the intersection and alert the drivers that they could continue on their journey (green light) or would need to stop and wait a moment (red light). One car went through red at the tail end while other cars were stopped in the left lane behind me.

It was amazing to watch people speed up in the right lane to get across the railroad tracks without stopping. The last car to run the red light just cleared the gates descending upon us at the railroad track and was clearly speeding as the rest of us patiently waited our turn.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we are very successful in representing clients in many motor vehicle accidents in Georgia. We have also been successful in representing clients in accidents that involve collisions at junctures, including accidents resulting from people who have violated the law by running a red traffic signal.

If you have been injured in this type of motor vehicle accident or if a loved has been killed in this type of collision, then please feel free to contact us right away to discuss your case by phone at 770-865-8654. We also welcome inquiries at All legal consultations are free of charge.

Understanding Intersection Accidents

An intersection is a common place on the roadways where vehicles traveling may come into conflict. Traffic signals account for over half (52 percent) of intersection accidents. These intersection accidents do not just happen in low visibility conditions such as rain, flog, sleet or snow, or other types of stormy weather.

According to the statistics taken by The National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), a staggering 78.6 percent of intersection accidents happened during clear weather. So, if the road conditions cannot account for a majority of the accidents at intersections, then what is the root cause of such collision?

The leading critical reason that causes accidents at intersections is recognition error. Recognition error is a technical term that describes lack of attention, internal and external distractions, and inadequate surveillance, just to name a few. The percentage of this type of accident that was caused at an intersection or other type of juncture is 55.7 percent, which is more than half of all intersection accidents with 438,194 intersection crashes nationwide.

The second cause of intersection accidents is decision errors meaning that the driver was speeding, driving aggressively, making false assumptions of other’s actions, making illegal maneuvers and misjudging another driver’s speed. The types of accidents caused by faulty decision-making, or decision errors, are 29.2 percent and have resulted in 230,047 intersection crashes nationwide. The age of the drivers that caused or were involved in intersection accidents are mostly from the age of 65 and older; 53.9% of intersection crashes.

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law & Affiliates our personal injury attorneys have had success representing thousands of people and families who have suffered because of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia. If you have been injured because of irresponsible drivers, or any other type of collision, or a loved one has been tragically killed, then contact us immediately for your free legal consultation.

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