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Georgia Non-ERISA Claims Attorney

Why Choose Our Non-ERISA Claims Lawyers in Georgia?

If you applied for long-term disability benefits and were denied, that is not the end of the road. You have a legal right to appeal the denial and work toward securing all of the benefits you are entitled to within your policy.

The skilled personal injury lawyers at Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, is here to help you in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If you are denied benefits through an individual policy, we will work closely with you to appeal that denial. We consult with your physician and other experts in the field to put your appeal in a stronger position.

Appealing Denied Disability Benefits

When you buy a long-term disability policy, you are entering into a legally binding contract with an insurance company. That contract states that the insurance company will pay you benefits if you suffer a long-term disability within the terms of the policy. If you are denied benefits, this may be a breach of the contract. Our legal team can provide you with several legal options to overturn delayed, denied or halted monthly disability benefits.

One option may involve maintaining open communication with the insurance company. We will work to seek to have your denial re-evaluated. When insurance companies are not willing to provide details surrounding your denial, we will submit a demand letter containing your medical issues and outlining the strengths of your claim. This can sometimes allow us to obtain benefits without having to file a lawsuit.

However, if that does not work, we are prepared to file a lawsuit against your insurance company for a breach of contract. We may file in either state or federal court depending on the specific circumstances of your case. We have litigated many disability cases against all major disability insurers. We have developed a reputation as highly skilled appeals attorneys. Insurance companies understand this and are more likely to cooperate with us before we reach litigation.

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We represent all of our long-term disability clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not face any legal fees unless we recover benefits on your behalf. These cases are long and complex. Our firm limits the number of cases we take to ensure that every one of our clients receives the focused attention they deserve.

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