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Georgia ERISA Claims Lawyer

If you were denied long-term disability benefits through your ERISA-governed policy, it is important to know you still have legal options. The attorneys at Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, have extensive experience appealing denied benefits from an ERISA policy in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We will work closely with you throughout the appeals process to help you secure the benefits you need to ease the burdens of your disability.

Representation For Appeal Of Denied Benefits

If you are denied benefits under your ERISA-governed long-term disability plan, the denial will be governed by ERISA regulations. For a denial, the insurance company must establish a procedure allowing the claimant to appeal the denial. Your disability plan will state whether you must file one or two appeals prior to filing a lawsuit. Insurance companies must maintain an internal appeal review process.

This helps to ensure that an employee of the insurance company is reviewing every appeal independent of the original denied application. The maximum number of appeals that an insurance company can mandate is two. Our Georgia ERISA attorneys prepare all of our clients’ appeals in anticipation that a lawsuit may be filed.

We work closely with our clients and their doctors to help ensure that your appeals are submitted properly. We take the necessary steps to provide comprehensive information and detail to the judge.

Representation During ERISA Disability Lawsuits

Our Georgia ERISA lawyers have extensive experience and success in litigating ERISA long-term disability denials. ERISA-governed long-term disability policies mandate that you must submit at least one appeal before you can file an appeal. Federal courts oversee all ERISA disability cases. If your benefits are still denied after appeals, you can file a lawsuit.

ERISA does not allow any jury trials, so a judge will make the ultimate decision. These can be difficult to win because there is no live testimony. Instead, the judge will review all relevant documentation to help them make a decision. This further reiterates the importance of retaining a competent, experienced and successful attorney to represent you if you are going to file a lawsuit seeking a disability payment under an ERISA disability policy. Despite the difficulties in these cases, our ERISA lawyers in Georgia have successfully and consistently litigated numerous ERISA long-term disability denials throughout the country.

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