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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Into An Accident On The Job

Even with the most cautious precautions in place on the job, accidents do happen. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, such as construction sites, electrical jobs and industrial locations. Other jobs pose less of a threat, such as an office job or a professional location. In any event, all workplaces are prone to accidents. At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, we have extensive experience representing people who have been injured on the job. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation legal consultation if you have suffered an injury on the job.Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so the following are some tips that will help keep all of us safer on the job.

All Safety Procedures Should Be Followed And Reviewed Frequently

Safety Procedures apply to all jobs regardless of how inherently dangerous that job may seem to be and are meant to prevent accidents and prevent workplace injuries for all employees. Even if an accident does occur, a safety measure can help to keep the accident from being more severe than it would have been if the safety procedure had not been put into place.

Usually, when you first start your job you will undergo some on the job training and the safety procedures will be reviewed. The problem that occurs, however, is that over time people tend to forget the safety procedure or even follow the path where the safety procedure is not being observed at all. Therefore, it is very important that you review safety procedures for your job and keep up to date on any changes in said procedures. This may prevent an accident for you and for everyone in your workplace and create a safer workplace environment.

Report All Safety Violations Immediately

If you witness a safety violation, then you should report this violation to your supervisor or other authorities at your job immediately. Even though you are following the proper safety measure does not mean that all employees on the job are as diligent as you are on the job and this poses a threat to everyone’s safety. Even if you have to keep said report confidential, it is very important that you report any safety violations that you witness.

All Safety Meetings And Trainings Should Be Attended

Safety Measures may change over time and even if they do not your employer may have regular safety meetings and trainings in the regular course of business. It is very important that you attend such events so that you are up to date on all safety procedures. Not only will this make your workplace a safer environment, it can also improve your own safety rating on the job.

Safety Measures Should Be Posted Where Everyone Can See Them

All Safety Measures and Procedures that apply in the workplace should be posted in a conspicuous place so that everyone can see. For example, if employees punch a time clock, then safety procedures could be posted next to the time clock. If employees sign into the workday on the computer, then safety measures could be posted on the sign in sheet on the computer. Likewise, if employees sign in for work, then safety procedures could be placed by the sign in sheet. Wherever the safety measures are posted, the place should be where everyone can be reminded each day of safety procedures so that the workplace is safe for everyone.

If you have any questions about safety measures and procedures, then please feel free to contact Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, at 770-865-8654, by email at, or online for more free, no-obligation legal information.