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Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

You may be fortunate enough to suffer minor injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident such as soft tissue injuries, bruises or minor fractures. Some of the more serious injuries that we see from auto accidents, however, are spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Unfortunately, car accidents are the most common cause of spine injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident or any other type of accident that involves in an injury to the brain or spinal cord, then contact our Georgia personal injury attorneys at Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law & Affiliates immediately at 770-865-8654, or on our website for your free legal consultation.

The Brain and Spinal Cord

The spine is divided into four (4) parts:

  1. Cervical (7);
  2. Thoracic (12);
  3. Lumbar (5); and
  4. Sacral (5).

Each vertebra in the spinal column is separated by intervertebral discs that are small cushions of cartilage. Feelings of discomfort of tingling, numbness and pain can indicate a spinal cord disc injury. A herniated disk is a common cause of back pain. As disc is herniated when it thins out or ruptures. An MRI will detect the herniation or tears.

Other types of spinal cord injuries include, but are limited to:

  1. Paraplegia which is a spinal injury below the cervical spine, and results in the loss of sensation or function in the lower trunk or legs.
  2. Quadriplegia (a/k/a) tetraplegia) is a paralysis of all four limbs and/or the entire body below the neck. Not all quadriplegia means that there will be no movement in parts of the body. For example, injuries of the spinal cord at the C1, C2, and/or C3 may mean that there is a complete paralysis of the entire body from the neck down, but some amount of neck and head movement may be possible. Spinal cord injuries at C5, C6 and/or C7 may inhibit function in the wrist, hands or fingers.

There are also several types of brain injuries caused by car accidents such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Concussions are when the brain is bruised from a hit to the head leading to headaches, dizziness, vomiting and may lead to problems with memory.
  2. Skull fractures which result from a break in the bone surrounding the brain.
  3. A subdural hematoma is when blood builds up between the dura (the lining of the skull) and the brain tissues and often require surgery.
  4. An epidural hematoma is when blood builds up between the dura and the skull and also usually requires surgery.

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Our Georgia car accident lawyers are very familiar with all of these types of auto accident injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries and more. Therefore, we are able to evaluate your case and present your case to the insurance company so that the insurance company knows that we mean business when it comes to getting you the compensation for these injuries that you deserve, and that you are seeking the proper medical treatment so that you can get well following your accident.