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Texting and Driving in Georgia

In the State of Georgia, it is a crime to text and drive. Although this might seem like a simple statement, drivers will ignore this and the result can be a motor vehicle accident in Georgia that can cause serious bodily injury and even a wrongful death in Georgia. The criminal penalty for texting and driving is relatively small in Georgia such as a fine as low as $150.

It could also possibly cost the driver only one point on a Georgia driver’s license. The cost, however, of causing an accident that causes you, someone you love, another driver, and/or someone they love, serious bodily injury, and/or the loss of life and limb and possibly death can be astronomical.

This is true not only in monetary terms, but also with the notion that you must live with the fact that if you had not been texting and driving, or if another person had not been texting and driving, that this tragic incident may very well have not happened at all.

Research has shown that a driver who is texting while driving is 23 times more likely to have an accident, and that a person’s eyes are not on the road for approximately 4.6 seconds while they are texting and driving. In 2021 alone, there were 3,522 motor vehicle deaths attributed to texting and driving, plus cell phone use while driving, and nine resulted in fatalities. 955 of those accidents resulted in serious injury according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Georgia is ranked third in the country for the highest rate of texting and driving with only 37 percent of the people in the study that would actually admit to texting and driving. Therefore, Georgia could be ranked even higher in the country for texting and driving if everyone who was engaged in texting and driving would actually admit that they engage in this unlawful act.

Texting And Driving Remains A Serious Problem

There have been many advertising campaigns in the State of Georgia to stop people from texting and driving. These advertising campaigns span from highway billboards to television commercials. These campaigns often include catchy slogans such as, “R U In-Text-icated? Put Down the Phone”. This is just scratching the surface of the amount of advertisements that are published to stop drivers from texting and driving in Georgia.

Despite the laws in Georgia against texting and driving, and the rigorous campaigns with advertising jingles meant to stay in our minds to reinforce the notion that texting and driving is very dangerous, people still engage in this activity, as the report above shows, at an alarming rate. The majority of people will not even admit that they do, in fact, text and drive.

Even though it might be difficult for law enforcement to prove, it is vital that we all take heed to the warnings and the statistics that show that texting and driving can, and does, cause motor vehicle accidents that result in catastrophic injuries and death.

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