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Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer

Why Choosing Our Georgia Auto Accident Lawyers Gives You A Distinct Advantage

At Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law, & Affiliates, our personal injury attorneys in Georgia are well-equipped to help you recover for all types of injuries. Choosing our legal team means you receive the following benefits:Legal Experience: Our attorneys together have over 75 years of experience negotiating and litigating many different auto accident injury cases for those in Atlanta and surrounding communities.

Expertise In Auto Insurance Laws And Procedures: Many of our Georgia car accident lawyers have previously worked for auto insurance companies. We know how insurance companies work. We know the strategies they use.

If you have gotten into an auto accident, call our car accident lawyers in Georgia today at 770-865-8654.

Types Of Compensation You Can Potentially Recover For Your Georgia Auto Accident Injuries

The laws in the state of Georgia are very specific about what types of compensation those injured in auto accidents can recover. Recoverable damages include:

1. Special Damages

This category of damages includes measurable compensation. Medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage, rental car expenses and more.

2. General Damages

This category of damages measure your diminished quality of life post-accident. Scarring on the face or body, mental pain, shame, disfigurement and mutilation are common types of general damages.

Punitive damages may also be recoverable in situations involving a drunk driver or hit-and-run.

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Upon our representation, we will immediately conduct an investigation, notifying your health insurance company provider and your medical providers. We will also request your medical bills, certified copies of all of your medical records, and each and every medical note and office report.

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